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In over 3 years of working as a full-time photographer in NYC, Marta Cordis has been booked by the Clients of more than 50 nations from all over the world. 

Based on our 5 star reviews, she is proud to keep being selected for the ability to capture “genuine essence of the moment”, for the “artistic eye”, for the “attentiveness” and “responsiveness”, for capturing both “urban street style portraits” and “softer more intimate photos” during the same session; for “not doing cheesy poses that you get at a studio”.
Her work was named “remarkable”, “unique”, “impressive”, “brilliant”, “wow”, “beyond the expectations” and “perfect” for many times.

With every package you’re receiving:
BEFORE the session:

  1. Online consultation regarding the best outdoor location for your session.

  2. Online recommendations regarding your look/appearance/outfit choice; session preparation tips: what do you need/don’t need to focus on.

  3. Contacting you with the professional makeup/hairstyle artists (per your request).

  4. Easy online booking & date reservation process; all the major payment methods are accepted.

AT the session

  1. Simple but diverse posing directions to avoid “What should I(we) do?” worries.

  2. Dynamic and fun process without making you “strike the pose” on the spot for a long time.

  3. Taking the pictures on the best spots of the most scenic areas of the city

AFTER the session:

  1. Careful sorting of raw pictures, applying basic adjustments (brightness, contrast, sharpness, temperature) and correcting horizon level for all the good shots.

  2. The opportunity to choose the favorite photos for editing by yourself!

  3. Signature color-correction of your selections.

  4. Professional manual retouching.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Best Regards,
Marta Cordis

and New Yorker Photography Team

Member, Professional Photographers of America

Member Of Professional Photographers Of America

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