World, hold on...

I've decided to share one really special thing with you. There's nothing sensational about it. But it's not the usual statistics that most of the photographers can be proud of. 
No, it's not yet the map of the countries I've visited. It's the map of our tourist/non-tourist Client's native countries ^_^
Being honest, I'm a very sensitive person. I remember each unique impression that I've got after photoshoot with our Clients from all over the world. 
...And it's such a warming feeling - to recall in memory all those on-the-go, sincere(!) conversations; to ask my first-time-ever Models the questions about their national food (my favorite *FACEPALM*), traditions, weather, mentality, EVEN THE COLOR OF SUNSETS AND DAWNS in their country!
I've shed a tear, thinking of how grateful I am to become the part of their visit to my forever-favorite-city-in-the-world. To become a part of their life-lasting memory.
Wow, it's precious! 
Thank you, Lord.

P.S. I definitely need more African and South American Clients :D
P.P.S. Of course, I'm not completely sure if I've marked ALL the countries, as some people might not share with me their origin (I didn't mark the countries of those "internationals" who were born in U.S. or those who have been living here since childhood on this map)

Africans, South Americans from any country except Brazil & Argentina - VERY WELCOME! 20% off for your session ;))