Summer is here

Hi world! So, we've completed this spring! The spring with not that much bloom as we expected, but pretty productive though. 
What's next? Melting concrete, guys. If you choose to shoot in the city. Buuut... If you'd like to get timeless portraits with solid background, to get complimented by something eternal, you're very welcome to book a photoshoot at Coney Island. This place is one of the best outdoor photoshoot options in NYC. As it's not only the ocean and the beach; fresh air and a little less of trash (in the morning); wonderful relaxing atmosphere; totally photogenic waves and sand; but vintage/retro/stylish LUNA PARK landscape that feels like "Only in America. Preferably In 60s". 
If you came to NYC and you don't believe that it's only "concrete jungle", but the epic place that contains calm beauty of nature, atmospheric neighborhoods (i don't mean banal "chinatown") and want to feel the different vibe of the "capital of the world", please, don't hesitate to meet us in South Brooklyn.
We personally chose Coney Island for our last love story with Andrew and had really enjoyed two different styles in 1 session that we managed to get! (Check some of these below - captured by talented @romikrad (Roman Rad); edited by Marta Dorosh)
A year ago, my husband also captured me at Coney Island and you might have seen these pictures too. 
Especially if you're a fan of retro (the same as me) + don't like crowds (the same as me again) - don't have a doubt, this option totally deserves your try.