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Are there any special entertainments/inspiring time-spendings/crazy hobbies/secret weaknesses in your Family's/Couple's life?

We spend together around 24/7, sharing routine, our favorite profession in creative field(+ all the responsibility package attached - as it's not only about becoming some trendy artists with a limitless reserve of inspiration, but also...

...flawless and respected business Director

...selfless Manager (does the best to resolve each and every issue, being not only intelligent, but totally dedicated; with the highest fair standards)

...accurate, attentive, literate and SUPER prompt Secretary (always happy to provide the most detailed answer to your next billion of questions; takes care of all your worries, concerns and doubts explaining why everything would anyway come out great ;))

As I’m not that self-confident type of person to convince others that some specific idea of mine is going to come out marvelous, so I’m excited to try all those spontaneous, sometimes weird ideas on myself, as it feels easier to experiment without risk to meet someone’s disappointment.
(The other pragmatic reason is that in a short period of time

it’s not that easy to find easy-going model that would perfectly feel the idea and would be ready to follow all the directions for a TFP project)


Idea: Spontaneous (Husband convinced me to go for a half-n-hour-around-the-block walk, as it happened to be one of the first really warm and pleasant days of the season)
Motivation: Could not miss getting captured with my braids for the last time before taking them off on the next day

Camera/Director/Editing:  Andrew Dorosh

Model/Style/Director/Post-Production : Marta Dorosh

(Sometimes my face expressions are pretty weird👻 - I just got tired of walking backwards-forwards across the street for dozen of times, waving my head with all the strength to make my hair fly🙄. And in the final version, we used only double of these moments, of course🤤) 

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