Ready? Steady? Pose! or Expressing your inner self

I believe that modern photography is the way to express the personality, not just to show the visual appearance. So being ready to reveal your emotions at the shoot is one of the "key points" of preparation. If you think that you're "that shy type of person" it doesn't mean that you will feel uncomfortable during our session. You should understand that the more different emotions you will be able to expose, the more unique, candid and sensual pictures we will get. 

1. People say that if you need to share your secrets with someone without any consequences, the best option would be "a stranger on a park bench". In our case this means that you may not bother about how "weird", "unlike", "funny", "crazy" you may look expressing the very best (and interesting) of your personality at the shoot.

2. If you're worried because you haven't prepared the Pinterest folder of poses for THOSE ETERNAL 60 MINUTES, please relax :). Directing of Client's posing is one of the main parts of my work on the shoot which has always been highly rated. lf I feel that the Client is ready to experiment, we may get some really special and outstanding pictures! 

3. Few times my Clients honestly stated that a glass of wine/shot of tequila/a cigarette/*insert your variant* before the session would help them to relax and feel more confident. Please! (we're not taking a headshot for your Linkedin account) you're absolutely welcome to help yourself feeling comfortable in the most preferable way. We're going to do some ARTISTIC work. But YOU are not at your workplace. Enjoy!

4. As long as we're going to do some art, try feeling yourself an actor/singer/famous person. This is your "star moment"! Believe in it. And glow! You CAN look whoever and whatever you desire for these 60-90-more minutes. You don't need to care about anything or anyone in the world for this short time except having fun and showing your beauty/mystique/playfulness/attitude! Really. Just try ;)

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Hope my tips will be helpful for you and will make your photoshoot preparation more pleasant and exciting!