Big black wedding. Candid people, candid moments, candid love.

Today I want to tell you about the wedding that I shooted in the end of April in Queens. 
It was the biggest and the most candid wedding in my photography experience (around 270 guests (+ around 1 lb of tears ) and I felt really honored that Imani (the Bride) chose me to capture their undoubtedly epic Event of Love. 
When I came in the morning to the Holy Unity Cathedral, beautiful Bride met me at the entrance and forwarded to the room that reminded me of a Fashion Week Backstage. Dozen of ladies - bridesmaids, makeup artists, hair stylists, girlfriends and their daughters; coffee and donuts, cosmetics, dresses, beauty products, accessories... all were there. During 2 hours of "Bride's morning" I had captured around 400 shots, with no posing and "asking for a photo"! as the atmosphere was so dynamic and there were so many moments/details worth to snap. 
At the Ceremony everyone was deeply touched by Bride's & Groom's speeches, they were crying, guests were crying, I was crying and trying to keep my hands no shaking... :D

At the "newlyweds walk" shoot, after we made few group photos with coolest Brides and Grooms Parties, my movie-stars-looking-couple didn't ask for some special directions to show their love sincerely and passionately. After getting some romantic shots, Imani & Rashaan decided to have some of their favorite junk food - Astoria Park street hot dogs. And I was really grateful for this another opportunity to get some more CANDID shots. 

At the restaurant, I took my Tylenol (as I happened to be sick on that big day) and got prepared to shoot The First Dance, the First Glass of Champagne and the beginning of the Grand Celebration. And it was real! Everyone, from the smallest to the oldest was dancing, chilling, having fun and honestly enjoying the party. 
What I'd like to mention, The First Dance was made not as a formal, all-prepared actual dance, but as a play between Bride and Groom - they were singing; acting, showing their attitude and moving/dancing freely during the song. And everyone was charmed. 

What I can say - I'm so grateful to Imani and Rashaan that they gave me the opportunity to capture their most important memories, from all the angles, with whole range of inspiring emotions. 
They showed me that the Wedding should reflect the personality of the couple, not to be sticked to some traditional "picture". 
God bless the couple and let them live happily ever after!