Pure emotions at great Celebration of Love (James & Thair's Wedding)

At the beginning of February I was booked for my first wedding in 2016. The couple came to NYC from Brazil and all their guests came specially from Guatemala - so I understood how important this event was to all of them.
The ceremony took it's place in a very romantic spot - Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. The official lady held all of it in Spanish - so I didn't understand a word (except "amor", of course :D)! But I guess it was even better, as I could totally concentrate on those sincere emotions, pure feelings, the light of joy and gratitude in everyone's eyes. To be honest, even without understanding words, I shed a tear too, as the atmosphere was so delightful and touching.
James and Thair are truly awesome guys, we had so much fun at "Newlyweds walk" shooting after the ceremony. I really appreciate that they opened up to me easily, so I needed only to catch those moments of their love and happiness.
I wish them all the best!

Choosing the photos for this Series, I was trying to use the shots that could reflect the Event from different angles and create a "feeling of presence" for those, who watch it. I chose some atmospheric "backstage" shots, the "must-have wedding ceremony shots" and some of the beautiful romantic portraits from Newlyweds walk shooting.

I hope, you will feel the vibe too :)

Full-sized series at: http://www.martadorosh.com/james-thair/