Pure emotions at great Celebration of Love (James & Thair's Wedding)

At the beginning of February I was booked for my first wedding in 2016. The couple came to NYC from Brazil and all their guests came specially from Guatemala - so I understood how important this event was to all of them.
The ceremony took it's place in a very romantic spot - Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. The official lady held all of it in Spanish - so I didn't understand a word (except "amor", of course :D)! But I guess it was even better, as I could totally concentrate on those sincere emotions, pure feelings, the light of joy and gratitude in everyone's eyes. To be honest, even without understanding words, I shed a tear too, as the atmosphere was so delightful and touching.
James and Thair are truly awesome guys, we had so much fun at "Newlyweds walk" shooting after the ceremony. I really appreciate that they opened up to me easily, so I needed only to catch those moments of their love and happiness.
I wish them all the best!

Choosing the photos for this Series, I was trying to use the shots that could reflect the Event from different angles and create a "feeling of presence" for those, who watch it. I chose some atmospheric "backstage" shots, the "must-have wedding ceremony shots" and some of the beautiful romantic portraits from Newlyweds walk shooting.

I hope, you will feel the vibe too :)

Full-sized series at:

Strolling the City with young fashionista

I'm very excited to tell you about the photoshoot that I had on Monday. 
Last spring I got a call from my client Julia that asked me to help with a gift for her friend's family that will come to visit NYC from Moscow. So we organized a lovely warm shooting in blossoming Central Park with Svetlana, Igor and their daughter Polina. 
This New Year's Eve I got a message from Polina in which she said that they are coming to U.S. again in few weeks. Polina wanted the new shoot to reflect the special New York City's atmosphere and also to present her street style fashion looks.

That Monday happened to be the coldest day among all the previous! But we had no choice - next day Polina and Svetlana had a flight back to Moscow. Since we started, Polina's mother was holding the winter coat ready to put it on daughter in every possible minute; I was trying to find the best spots and direct the poses as quick as possible; Polina's passion for fashion and beauty made me feel extremely inspired, no matter that in the middle of the shoot I stopped feeling my fingers :D (so we paused for a coffee-break and to change the clothes).

Though in one way it was a tourist-story, including shooting in some of the most famous locations of NYC, but we managed to put the motion and the attitude in it. 
As for me, through this shoot Polina became the "vibe" of New York, diverse and unique, somewhere epic and somewhere classy. 

I hope you'll feel our vibe too and like the photos!



2 years ago we had a beautiful decorated summer photoshoot with Dobrenko family. Serious and a little bit shy on camera 2-year-old Matthew, baby Liza who did not even know yet how to sit; soft pink and warm tones. It was such a pleasure to work with them!
This snowless December we managed to create another future memory for their family! Liza and Matthew are already little personalities - active, emotional and bright! And if you associate winter family photoshoots with a fireplace and a fluffy carpet in the studio, we decided to spend it in the park...
The sun was blinding us, right-sized fir trees did not want to show up on our way :D, but guys had the opportunity to communicate with nature, our young heroes - to run and almost fly in the air next to their wonderful parents - Zhenya and Katya ...
And those decorative elements that I had taken with me "just in case", stayed lying in the backpack replaced by the pure emotions...

Island of Zen in The Big Apple

Yesterday before the photoshoot I had a little time to walk and got inspired by Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I got really impressed with it's proudly calm atmosphere and quiet fresh air. I guess, there's no better place for organizing your thoughts and meditating in Downtown Brooklyn. Offering a free admission till the end of February, BBG is much more clear and maintained than Prospect Park (though I don't detract the beauty and gorgeous wildness of the last one :) )

Also I got an absolutely cute gifts for my mom and myself in BBG shop - ECO CUBES. These are containers with seeds and special fertilizers to try growing plants at home. Choosing among Basil, Mint, Chili and Strawberry, I took Chili for myself and Strawberry for my mom. Well, today I will open the ecocube and pour first 30 ml of water into it... Will share my results with you in 8-16 days :)