Warm feelings against chilly day

Ah, it's not really warm here today.. I even started to worry for magnolias and cherries that had already started blooming. 
So let me at least share with you some warm photos. They were made in a chilly day, but with a sweet family couple that moved to New York from sunny and hot Singapore. 
June & Geoff told me that now they live in Upstate New York, 4 hours far from the city as they are in love with nature - woods, mountains, lakes. They got married in Australia, had another ceremony in Singapore, and the third wedding photoshoot in Paris. And now, they decided to get a city photoshoot (though June was wondering, if there is any "greenery" in Brooklyn Bridge Park, while we were planning our shoot :) )

I was charmed by their style and tender feelings. 
What about you, guys? :)