Creating art with the body...

Today I want to share with you the results of my shoot with talented and endlessly lightful lady. 
Levy was raised in Long Island, NY, but after she finished her studies, she chose to travel around the world, working as an English teacher and living her dream life, exploring new cultures, new traditions, new lifestyles. Currently she lives and works in Japan. 
One of her favorite hobbies/part-time job is yoga and pole-dancing.

Levy contacted me with the idea of outdoor pole-posing photoshoot, that she'd like to organize. After discussing the variants, we stopped on Central Park - that perfect combo of skyscrapers skyline and fresh spring nature. Levy used lamp posts to do her amazing body tricks. (I guess, this was my first shoot without any instructions for the posing, as my mission was not to lose a short moment of Levy's "striking the pose" that lasted no longer than few seconds for each one).

After the park session we moved forward to Upper East Side streets, looking for a thinner pole, so Levy could show few more cooler things :).

During all the shoot and between the locations, this girl was shining with her gorgeous smile and calm confidence, convincing without words that impossible is nothing!

And how do you think?..