REVEALING my favorite GENRE in photography: "I am nature. You are art. Let us see how we compare". ("Le Libertine" 2004)Β πŸŒ“

I finally admitted that my favorite photography genre is dramatic woman portrait. I love capturing not just "headshots", but wide-open eyes, deep glances, expressive eyebrows, sensual lips, hair flowing chaotically by wind; love showing ATMOSPHERE OF THE PERSONALITY! It is my biggest inspiration and passion to get "portraits with the feelings". Since I was 17, I became interested in fashion photography/models and fall in love with those epic never-smiling alien-like women from the pages of "Vogue"... When I started photographing, I understood that it motivates me even more to shoot "regular" people in regular/public/unpredictable places but in "fashionable" manner.

I'd like to to see a model in every woman and to show the angles that she hasn't discovered in herself earlier!

Analyzing my personal vision of the "perfect attitude" of a woman I photograph, I would say that she looks pretty daring or innocent, not sexy or glamorous. She doesn't need to smile, as there must be a little mystery behind her expression...

I have a university classmate and a friend. About 8 years ago I wanted to organize some crazy social (antisocial?) idea photoshoot and she became the one who agreed to pose as a pregnant smoking woman (of course she wasn't pregnant for real) at the ruins of an old kindergarten. Also during that shoot we were tearing photographs (as a symbol of "tearing" past - for the 2nd look) and using some other metaphorical props... After that day my classmate became my undoubted muse, always ready to trust my vision and to experiment with no fear. I photographed her in the bath with milk and guilder rose (because rose petals are too banal :D), in a red wig, red dress and white fur; with and without bra, with glitters on her lips and bright pink eyeshadows...

And all this pre-history was about to finally introduce charming Ninel - my friend’s younger sister
At this photoshoot I refused to experiment for too much, as we had only about 45 minutes and pretty chilly weather outside. But no matter what, I expected to get few different-mood portraits and I think we managed to create some with Ninel.
Thanks for being so appealing, open-minded and easy-going, girls.
Hugs and kisses to you!
P.S. I already have an idea for our next shoot...πŸ˜‰