SWEAT NOW, SHINE LATER or photographing Yoga in Williamsburg

So... the spring is here (and let's forget about tones of snow outside)! For me, spring is always a season for renovation, re-motivation and reviewing the life priorities. And what can be more related to this than becoming fit and harmonized? 

Though it was windy as hell on the day and we could barely hold our heavy cameras still, our Client Ivonne Ackerman, founder of "The Sweat Glow. FITNESS FOR THE MODERN, BUSY WOMAN", proved that our body is a magical instrument that responds to our care and efforts. It brings back not only physical beauty, but confidence and calmness to your mind and belief that impossible is nothing.
But, yes, you'll need to sweat for it... ;)

Ivonne booked the photoshoot with us to get new professional photographs for her website.
She selected our Individual package with manually retouched images plus ordered additional touched-ups later.

Always happy to work with young professionals who are passionate about what they are doing!